Mary-Ann Liu Express Creativity In The Form Of Abstract Art

Mary Ann Liu is a multi-discipline artist who has achieved international recognition. She considers her life to be a manifestation of creativity and strives to express this approach in every aspect of her life. Liu's work spans the disciplines of Sculpture, Film and Graphic Design.

As a sculptor, Liu first reached mastery in classical realism focusing on human anatomy. She then proceeded to express herself with abandon in the form of abstract art. Liu is a significant artist in Canadian history as she was honoured with the creation of Canada's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Parliament buildings in the capitol city of Ottawa. She also created the landmark Dragon Lanterns in Vancouver and Chicago's historic Chinatowns. Her portraiture in bronze are sought after as her ability to capture the spirit and essence of the individual's character breaks the boundary between art and life.

Mary-Ann Liu's mastery in realism and knowledge of art history allows her the freedom to employ different styles that are adaptable to varied scenarios. Liu's goal is always to transcend barriers and get to the core of the statement, whether it's the representation of a person or the genius loci (spirit of the place) so that everyone regardless of age or culture can easily understand the work.

Liu's extended education in classical art and anatomy guaranteed a secure foundation for her to build upon. Her background in Renaissance techniques combined with state of the art film industry methods already created a hybrid of sculpting methods that maximizes on time and budgets. Now with the advent of computer aided design, she enters a new age where possibilities are endless.

Mary Ann Liu joined creative forces with a stone sculptor named Paul Slipper. The formation of a team allows flow and dialogue between artists to create yet even more ideas and avenues of expression. Each artist strengthens and reinforces the other, forming new territories and avenues of exploration in art. Knowledge and skill grows exponentially, much to the benefit of both in the creation of art.

Outside the discipline of sculpture, Liu is an award winning Production Designer in the Feature Film Industry. Her understanding of art principles such as composition and colour added with the fourth dimension of time made designing film a special challenge. Liu received a review in Variety Magazine on the feature film "Eve and the Fire Horse" where she was lauded for her "non-glitzy take on period detail". It is yet another example of her understanding of realism and how to express the essential theme be it in sculpture film or any other medium. She has also contributed significantly to the global television industry as a graphic designer for hit shows such as Warner Brother's Supernatural -now in its tenth season.

It is self evident that this multi talented artist tirelessly strives for excellence in everything she touches. Her endeavours to create new approaches and visions for projects and private commissions are met with public approval and admiration. She believes that art is a reflection of the world she lives in and the divinity of all resides within each persons own creativity.

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