Dr. Robert Morrell a Non-Invasive Approach to Enhancing your Natural Beauty

The science of looking young is not that old. It's also getting more efficient, less invasive and more available every day. Dr. Robert Morrell, founder of the Medical Rejuvenation Centre in Vancouver, is a leader in non-invasive aesthetic medicine.

There's no surgery involved, all the anti-aging procedures are done via energy devices, lasers or medical-grade cosmeceuticals. If all that sounds new to you, it's because it is. "Non-surgicall treatments of aging processes have only been around for about 20 years," Dr. Morrell says. "And we caught on to the wave when it first came on."

Dr. Morrell has been in the industry for 16 of those years and for over 20 years before that he was a medical doctor. While Dr. Morrell focused on sports as a medical doctor --he still represents Canada in the Olympic sports medicine committee for alpine sports and ski safety-- he always had a penchant for arts.

Previously, Dr. Morrell's artistic outlet were carvings, he even keeps a few around his office. Then he found a way to mix his passion with his medical degree. "There were two bits of inspiration that drew me into aesthetic medicine," Dr. Morrell said. "The aesthetic part and the creativity is in making significant changes in people's faces, and through that, their lives.

"I always had an artistic bend to me and that fits in really well with fillers and Botox because it's very artistic. The laser part is the same way. You can make changes to people's lives by making their skin smoother, removing acne, making pores smaller or removing acne scars."

Lasers are how Dr. Morrell started in the aesthetic medicine industry. A friend introduced Dr. Morrell to hair removal lasers and then Dr. Morrell went on his own and founded the Medical Rejuvenation Centre. When the clinic first opened, Dr. Morrell only had one technician. That technician also served as the receptionist and anything that the office needed.

Now Dr. Morrell has about 14 employees dedicated to aesthetic medicine and lasers, something Dr. Morrell is still on the forefront of. "I go every year to Harvard to take an updating course," says Dr. Morrell. "I see what are the latest lasers coming out, what are the best ones to use and what the best procedures are." Dr. Morrell's laser knowledge even brought him to develop and teach the first aesthetic medicine course in Canada. His alumni aren't the average college student either, about half of Dr. Morrell's students were doctors looking to expand their knowledge in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Morrell's knowledge and passion for aesthetic medicine helped grow the two-person centre into the multi-department business it is today.

The Medical Rejuvenation Centre now has its own line of skincare, a graphics department, a marketing department and an operations department in addition to the laser and skincare departments.

Dr. Morrell's company has even been asked to deliver products as far as the Middle East.

At the clinic, Dr. Morrell sees patients of all ages and ethnicities. While people age differently, Dr. Morrell says, the major components are genetics, culture and toxic exposure --such as drinking, smoking and nutrition. Above all though, the major contributor to aging is sunlight. Dr. Morrell says that about 85 percent of the aging issues show through our faces and ultraviolet light is the biggest cause of it.

That's when Dr. Morrell and his team come in, armed with the most modern computers, lasers and medical-grade cosmeceuticals on the market.

While Dr. Morrell enjoys seeing how his company has grown, the most rewarding part of his business is seeing the difference he makes in his patients lives.

"I get rewarded every day," Dr. Morrell said. "Whether its Botox, fillers, or kids getting their acne brought under control, I get people feeling significantly happy on a daily basis. Sometimes it's something that you and I might not notice, but they see every time they look in the mirror."

That's what keeps Morrell coming back to the office. That and the occasional gift.

"I get a lot of bottles of wine," Dr. Morrell laughed.

Source Credit:     Text by Alexander Villegas

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