Coco Chanel's Revered Design & Style Sense

Ever since Coco transformed couture with her effortlessly impeccable styles over a century ago, the house of Chanel has remained synonymous with exclusive, timeless elegance. Its interlocking C's garner worship of fashion mavens worldwide.

In keeping with its haute status, Chanel's exquisite timepieces have earned a cult following all their own. For 2014 Le Temps Chanel continues its legacy, unveiling its evolving vision at Baselworld 2014 with stunning new takes on three signature collections.

Debuted in 1987, Chanel's iconic Premiere was, true to its name, a first in the world of women's watches - the first to be created by a luxury house, with a unique design not derived from masculine pieces. The style is inspired by the Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle stopper, with the chain bracelet conjuring the legendary Chanel handbags. For 2014, the Premiere steps out with the unabashedly feminine Camelia Flying Tourbillon, encased in diamond- and pink sapphire-studded white gold. In contrast, the Double Tour Premiere shows an understated black lacquered dial topped with an onyx cabochon crown, on a black leather and steel interwoven strap. As with every Premiere you won't find a seconds hand or numbers as 'le temps Chanel' is fluid time, liberated from the constraints of exactness.

The Mademoiselle Prive collection (named after the inscription on the door of the original Chanel studio) gets a bejewelled, exquisitely crafted update. An intimate glimpse into the world of Gabrielle Chanel, Mademoiselle Prive is a nod to the designer’s personal loves: lacquered Coromandel screens, the camellia flower, and comet diamonds. Five new pieces spotlight impeccable marquetry. The camellia motif shines in Urushi lacquer and a quail eggshell dial in the new Camelia Maki-E, and in 'Grand Feu' enamel set with a dazzling 552 diamonds in the Bouton de Camelia, limited to 18 coveted editions. The Coromandel watches come in sets of two, one showcasing the miniature screens produced in 'Geneva technique' enamel, and the second a matching hand-sculpted Mother-of-Pearl dial, with black satin or alligator straps rounding off the decadently femme appeal.

Chanel's most contemporary time icon, the J12, was presented in varied color options and a new 36.5 mm size with automatic movement. The first to put ceramics on the map for luxury watches and Chanel's first unisex timepiece, the J12's sleek, androgynous feel is what the brand's vision is all about. This year, the J12-365 makes its appearance in a new 18k beige gold, Chanel's trademark shade, as well as black or white ceramic, steel, and 18K gold with and without diamonds. Six limited-edition models show off a brand-new Flying Tourbillon hidden beneath a diamond-set Comet, including a high-jewelled version of only five watches, beset with over 700 diamonds. Ultra-feminine or androgynous, subtle or opulent, Chanel's 2014 Baselwood unveiling offers a timepiece for every personality and style, as distinctive as their wearer.

Source Credit:     Text by Kate Missine

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