Health is Wealth Dr. Lederman Shares his Wealth of Knowledge on True Healthy Living

Even a Ford Fiesta will beat a Ferrari Berlinetta on the track if the Berlinetta doesn't have any gas. Routine maintenance, preventive care and knowing how to drive it correctly are essential pillars of owning a luxury car, as much as affording it is.

Dr. Michael Lederman, a naturopathic doctor and founder of the South Granville Naturopathic Clinic, says our body functions in much the same way, through proper support of it's essential pillars of health.

There's no true wealth without health.

"Years ago, I realized that so many of my patients had achieved wealth in their lives, through the success of their businesses, but had lost their health in the process," says Dr. Lederman. "it was a real awakening for me to realize that those people were, in essence, suffering and wishing they could restore their health."

"They didn't have answers, and were staring at their own mortality or compromised quality of life. They had the means to buy physical assets, but were unable to enjoy them due to their compromised health."

Many of these individuals, Dr. Lederman says, were prescribed medications to manage symptoms without taking aim at resolving the underlying cause of their conditions. It was the reactive response of conventional medicine, rather than a proactive one.

"Seeing all these people stuck without solutions made me realize that I had get back to the basics of healing in order to help them restore their body's proper functionality. Our body is able to heal itself when we remove obstacles that have been put in its way."

"To have energy, be pain free, and be happy is what everyone wants and needs." But, as we age, we stand to lose one or more of these basic needs, unless we take charge of our health through the everyday choices we make.

To achieve this, Dr. Lederman's practice has embraced the medical paradigm of Functional Medicine. Since 1999, Dr. Lederman has helped thousands of people restore their health and vitality. He creates a personalized health program for each patient supporting the natural physiological design of their body, taking aim at the imbalances causing cellular dysfunction. To do so, he focuses on the Four Pillars of Health: 1) Nutritional Input 2) Toxin Output 3) Emotions & 4) Physical Structure.

The first pillar of health Dr. Lederman tackles is Nutritional Input.

"Food is medicine. A lot of people ask me why they feel so tired, and I'll tell them that they're like a car that's run out of gas on the side of the highway. They're pushing the car, and it's moving, but it's moving very slowly, and with much effort. It's not the way they remember it being, or the way they wish it was."

"Aspartame, additives, artificial colours, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, and other manufactured ingredients with low nutritional value are not what the body needs," Dr. Lederman says. "These chemicals are major factors in functional disorders including fatigue, headaches, bloating, gas, constipation, and mood changes."

"A healthy, balanced, nutrient-dense diet is fundamental to fuelling the body properly... most patients ask to fast-track the process using vitamin injection therapy," says Dr. Lederman. "This is the fastest way to replenish the fuel supply needed by cells, enabling one to thrive again."

Another important input many patients overlook is the one that makes life possible... water. "Cells are bathed in water, but most people are depleted in this essential ingredient that makes up 75 percent of the body, unaware that they're living in a dehydrated state," Dr. Lederman says.

"When I ask people how much water they drink, the typical response is "very little, but I do have four coffees, two pops, or a glass of milk..." and they wonder why they have gained 20 pounds, have fatigue and pain, and why they just don't feel good anymore."

The second pillar of health that must be addressed is the Toxin Output.

The removal of the toxic burden from the body is paramount to restoring health and vitality. Most people accumulate more waste than their body can process and eliminate, causing the toxic symptoms suffered by patients.

"You wouldn't swim in a murky pool filled with chemical waste... if you pollute your body by ingesting the same, how can you expect your body to function? Those symptoms are the result of the body reaching its capacity to deal with the toxic burden. Too much toxin input and not enough toxin output," says Dr. Lederman.

Most people have liver or lymphatic congestion and irregular bowel function, and they feel tired as a result. The key is to limit toxin exposure while focussing on effective toxin processing and elimination. Detoxification programs are fundamental for people who wish to improve their health, and Dr. Lederman's clinic offers several types of these programs.

The third pillar of health is Emotions.

"Typically, people who come to my clinic live a very busy life. Some are effective at managing their stress, while others are overwhelmed by it. Their life isn't balanced, and often feel down or anxious," says Dr. Lederman.

Optimizing brain biochemistry requires addressing the first two pillars of health, nutritional input and the toxin output, resulting in significant change in their mood. As well, Dr. Lederman says he can help people learn techniques to reprogram the way they process life events, in order to change their emotional reality and get rapid relief. These are fast acting and very impactful.

Dr. Lederman always encourages people to have a positive attitude.

"Some people are quite positive, and see their cup as half full or more. Others only see what they don't have. Focusing more on their their problems, they do not appreciate the blessings they do have. For them, the glass is always half empty or less."

"There will of course be moments in which you don't feel as wonderful as you would like," says Dr. Lederman. "That's normal and natural, but you can still push yourself to have a positive attitude. It's like any habit. It takes practice to take hold."

The key for people is to recognize that there is much they can do to change how they feel emotionally. The treatments offered by Dr. Lederman afford people the opportunity to feel better and live a happier life.

And that leads to the fourth pillar of health in Functional Medicine... the Physical Structure.

People suffering from pain and injury need to heal damaged bones, tendons and ligaments. Since the 1950s, a treatment called Prolotherapy has been used to heal these connective tissues and resolve pain. It is a highly effective injection therapy using Dextrose. The most common areas Dr. Lederman is asked to treat are the knees, shoulders and lower back.

"All of this is rather irrelevant if the individual is not a willing participant," Dr. Lederman says. "I'm a facilitator. The first question I ask my patients is what their goals are, because it's about them. It's not about what their spouse or family members want. It's about what they themselves want." Once Dr. Lederman understands his patient's goals, he determines their level of commitment. It's not enough to acknowledge bad habits and problems; patients must have a willingness to make changes.

Dr. Lederman tries to make the process enjoyable, rather than making changes seem like a burden. "My message is not just about empowering patients, but about making it happen in a manner that they can have fun with, and sustain as a lifestyle," Dr. Lederman says. "We get most patients off to a great start, and they are amazed by the changes they experience within weeks."

People naturally want to be healthy. Many of them are just misguided, or unaware of what they must do to take charge of their health. "Someone has to show them what needs to be done, where they need to set boundaries for their choices in order to meet their goals. This is the adventure that determines their health... this is the opportunity," Dr. Lederman says.

"If you educate people about their health, keep it simple, tell them to have fun and enjoy the process, you empower them... and that's the ultimate goal. From then on, they know that they are in control, and that their choices will determine how good they feel.

As Dr. Lederman likes to say to his patients: "Take control of your health... live your life!"

Source Credit:     Text by Alexander Villegas | Photography by Sam dHand

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