Bringing Italy's Best to Holt Renfrew

October 15th through to the 17th, Fendi Fashion Furs combined with the never-ending genius of the Weston family dazzled Vancouver's elite with a trunk show which absolutely changed the way fur is seen here in Canada's most organic city.

In Holt Renfrew's usual style they welcomed Fendi fur fashions to Vancouver in such a way that I'm certain will change the way Vancouverites, look, think and feel about fur.

15 years ago the fur industry made huge international changes in the way that furs are produced in response to the spotlight placed on the industry. With more transparency and stricter regulation, the mistakes of the past have been eliminated.

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director and head director for both Fendi and Chanel, recently presented fur collections for both houses one after another. After his presentation of Fendi fashion furs, his collection designed for Chanel followed with exceptional style as one would expect. Surprisingly, the entire Chanel collection was done in faux fur. When questioned as to why Chanel followed Fendi with faux fur, Mr. Lagerfeld, in his signature way, said "of course Fendi had to lead the show, they have the best furs in the world. How could I do that to Chanel."

The talent and craftsmanship of the garments was punctuated by the beautiful surroundings of the private shopping suites of Holt Renfrew; completely furnished and designed with Fendi Casa's unlimited endorsement and style. Mauritzio Graziani exhibited yet unseen brilliance in his collaboration with Fendi furs, Holt Renfrew, and Fendi Casa Vancouver. His colleague Travis Christian, merchandiser for ready to wear and fur of Fendi New York, stole the show with his charm and wit as Vancouver's elite continued its introduction to luxury living. By the end of the show, every mannequin draped in couture furs must have been naked. The combination of style and the intrinsic value of the offerings demanded that the serious fashion elite added to their collections. Once again, Holt Renfrew led the way in helping Vancouver to the leading edge of fashion and design.

The collaboration of Fendi with the brilliance of Vancouver's Lloyd Bruce Home President and internationally renowned designer Robert Bruce McKay had attendees surrounding in luxury right from the admission queue. Fendi Casa's new collections exuded outstanding style, simplicity, and obvious quality. Little wonder that each guest could not help but be overwhelmed by the entire experience.

On hand were Lloyd Bruce Magazine's starlight photographers, who captured all the fun and fervor. Douglas Lloyd Somerville, founder and chairman, was particularly impressed with the combined talents of Sam dHand of LUXE Media and his team with their passion for quality editorial and their commitment to excellence. A surprise visit from Michael Young, vice president of business development with Lloyd Bruce Magazine, filled the space with energy and excitement. Without a doubt, more than just a few privileged attendees will be unwrapping fur for Christmas this year.

Source Credit:     Text by Elizabeth Zaremba

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