Lloyd Bruce Home Presents The Luxurious Giorgio Collection

From the birthplace of Michelangelo, Versace, and La Traviata, it is only natural to see a collection emerge that transforms something as ordinary as furniture into an art form. Drawing on Italy's rich art and design heritage, Giorgio Soressi's Giorgio Collection reinvents the way we think about home fashions. Encompassing fine furnishings, accessories, and textiles, the collection breathes new life into neo-classical forms, with distinctive styles incorporating elements of such movements as Art Deco and modern industrial design.

The stunning collection hails from the Brianza region of Italy, which has for centuries been at the heart of Italian furniture making and the Nuova Modernindustria Design that sums up the Giorgio Collection essence. Started by the Masolo family in 1956, the Giorgio Collection team has spanned the globe, showcasing its authentic Italian style at trade fairs and showrooms worldwide, from Milan to North Carolina to Moscow.

In spite of decadent appearances and exotic finishes, the Giorgio Collection approach to their craft is deeply rooted in their connection to the land - and to family. Centuries-old traditions of Italian artisans are upheld by passing the knowledge and craft of furniture making from father to son, across generations. The spotlight is on celebrating the beauty of natural materials, shown off to perfection but never obscured: craftsmen finishes, the delicate veining of wood grain, luxury blends of burl and steel, the strength of ceramics and pure platinum. Handmade is more than a label here - it is a philosophy; the belief that the true touch and feel of a human hand can never be replaced by impersonal machinery.

And the result of all that finely honed, lovingly tended craftsmanship is a collection of truly elegant forms and refined lines, flowing fabrics and luxe textures. Several uniquely different product lines deliver something for every taste. The Giorgio Absolute collection speaks to a modern sensibility, clean lines played up with contemporary dark tones. The sinuous depth of Japanese moka tamo burl set off by sleek smoked glass and a high gloss finish, with many layers of polyester lacquer polish between each coat, in signature offerings like the massive pedestal base dining table and Venetian glass bar unit equipped with an LED lighting system. An interplay of textures distinguishes the Lifetime collection, contrasting the softness of velvets, nubuck, and armadillo printed leather, with the solid brilliance of dark emperador Portuguese marble and beveled Murano glass. Intricate tufted detail, bronzed brass hardware, and solid square shapes define pieces such as the armadillo leather and marble buffet and buttoned back chair. The Luna collection presents a contemporary evolution of bold Art Deco styles, with curved shapes and distinctive geometric elements accentuated with precious veneer. The exotic beauty of rare Makassar ebony from Indonesia and English caramel curly sycamore is deepened by polished chrome and stainless steel inserts, like in the rectangular ebony dining table on a curved chrome base or sharp-lined sectional available in crocodile leather.

A true mark of fine Italian artisanship, the Giorgio Collection is available through Giorgio showrooms around the globe. In Canada, Giorgio is exclusive to Lloyd Bruce Home Collections in Coal Harbour, Vancouver.

The serenity of the days' beginning inspired the creation of the "SUNRISE" collection.

The blending of Noble materials such as bird's-eye maple veneer, printed iguana leather and stainless steel handles, are combined to enhance the purity of line & create harmony for a refined and optimistic lifestyle.

Lights, carpets & fabric finishes were chosen with the thought of elegance and peaceful living in mind.

The collection is completed with the addition of precious Venetian "Murano" blown glass vases, lamps & unique silk hand knotted carpets.

"SUNRISE", the collection name, highlights the beauty and the optimism of the brand.

Source Credit:     Text by Kate Missine

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