Beware of Your Mother-in-Law - She May Hold the Key to Your Fairytale

As is the case with most magnificent things in life, true love can awaken in a glittering instant, and sometimes the wedding of a lifetime can bloom into better-than-real reality just as swiftly.

Vancouver entrepreneur William Miller was sure from the moment he met Betty Frances that she was the jewel of his life, so when an unexpected career opportunity proposed to take him abroad for the spring, he knew that he wanted to solidify their love and make her his bride before his departure. So, with a little help from his infinitely refined mother, William amazed Betty with a lavish whirlwind New Year's Eve engagement and same-day wedding befitting of their radiant love.

Waking Up to Yes

Once William had decided to marry the love of his life, he set to creating the perfect plan to thrill and delight Betty. He envisioned a celebration as unique and dazzling as his bride, so he turned to his elegant and vivacious mother, Grazia "who had flown in from Brazil for the occasion" for advice. Together, William and Elise orchestrated a New Year's Eve that no one would ever forget.

The morning of December 31 began in Betty's favourite way: dreamily lounging with William in their warm, plush bed. Just when Betty thought that life couldn't be more auspicious, William surprised her with a sumptuous breakfast in bed, with a glittering twist - a sparkling five-carat diamond ring. Overwhelmed with the scintillating beauty of both the ring and the moment, Betty felt glistening tears of pure euphoria well around her enigmatic hazel eyes. "Yes," she whispered, and the festivity began.

Another Joyous Surprise

Still aglow with the jubilation of the morning, Betty and William met Grazia on a luxe Monte Carlo 5 yacht for a celebratory luncheon. As the happy couple enjoyed their day, William revealed another fabulous surprise to Betty, when they share their first kiss of the New Year at midnight that evening, it would be as man and wife.

Countdown to a New Year's and a Lifetime of Love

The wedding was lovelier than anything Betty had ever imagined. Grazia had overseen the wedding's picturesque, ultra-romantic decor, much to Betty's delight, as she had often confided in her future mother-in-law the details of her dream day.

The couple looked as luminous as the event felt. Betty's wedding gown was one-of-a-kind: a breathtaking couture Dean Renwick gown in snow white, with an elegant lace skirt. William made a striking groom in head-to-toe custom Tom Ford. Grazia was a stunning mother-of-the-groom, bedecked in a chic, gleaming cream-coloured gown and luxurious furs and jewels.

Grazia had thoughtfully invited the couple's closest friends and family for the intimate and elegant evening, under the pretense of a New Year's Eve party. So, together in front of everyone that they cared for, Betty and William pledged their love and commitment to each other. It was a flawless testament to their love.

As the wedding wound down and the New Year rang in, William let Betty in on one final surprise: Grazia had gifted the spectacular yacht to the couple to commemorate their marriage and encourage their travels, and they would be enjoying it on a honeymoon down the Pacific Coast. Elated, Betty embraced her new mother-in-law, who had not only given her the wedding of her dreams in the most exciting way, but had also given her the ultimate gift - her very own Prince Charming for life.

Source Credit:     Text by Sharon Miki | Photography by Jamie-Lee Fuoco

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