EXQUISITE DESIGN & INSPIRATION: Robert Bruce McKay Delights with his Signature Collection

As a child of Vancouver and grandson of the arts, it's no surprise that Robert Bruce McKay has grown to become one of the most sought after interior designers in the city. One could say that McKay's path was paved before his conception.

His grandfather was a carpenter who taught McKay to work with hands; his grandmother was an accomplished artist who taught him art theory from childhood. In addition, McKay's parents owned antique stores here in Vancouver where he first developed a fascination for unique items.
"It's pretty much in my blood," says McKay. "Design was always a really important part of our home, making things look beautiful, making art look beautiful."

McKay then found out he could turn his passion into a career, and started working as a window dresser in high school --a job he used to do for the very discounted price of love at his parents' store-- and then went to work in the fashion industry. From there, McKay transitioned to interior design and has been working in the field for the past 20 years. In that time, McKay has furnished numerous homes, condos, yachts and penthouses throughout Vancouver and the Americas. While each room has the McKay touch, no two are ever the same.

"I don't do any cookie cutter sort of design," McKay says. "I don't have that philosophy. My design represents you, not me. I just help interpret." This can involve spending five months getting a hand-made silk rug from Nepal or designing a room's scale, balance, color, texture and lighting around a family heirloom. Above all though, McKay aspires to make a comfortable living space for his clients.

"It can't be stuffy and rigid... I want you to feel comfortable, set your glass on the table or put your feet up." Aside from comfort, McKay focuses on timelessness, avoiding trends and opting for a philosophy of sophisticated constantly evolving design.

"I never want a home to look like it was done it 2014, because in 2018 it's going to look dated. It's better if it looks like it's evolved over time... like you didn't go out and buy the whole set of something. You've added the pieces, you've worked on different textures and layering."

"That way, in five or six years you can pluck out a piece or two and put in a piece or two, and it just evolves." McKay's professional career also adheres to this evolutionary philosophy. McKay noticed a gap in Vancouver's high-end furnishing market and is hoping to fill it with a collection that bears his name. The Lloyd Bruce brand is looking to expand with a signature collection of furniture that McKay hopes will be carried in stores across North America.

To comply with his stringent standards, McKay is travelling to Milan and Paris to meet with manufacturers. "We've always been selective with who we work with," McKay says. "I think furniture is an investment. When it's a quality, beautiful piece of furniture, it can be passed down through generations.

The Robert Bruce McKay Signature Collection; sophisticated, elegant, and above all, timeless.

Source Credit:     Text by Alexander Villegas | Photography by Jamie-Lee Fuoco

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